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5.5: News Angle

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  • For a local news story, the people that read the section are interested in or concerned about things going on in their community. There could be a number of angles about the light rail line and different questions that could be asked:


    Pontauxchats – Tramway Strasbourg Broglie – GNU Free Documentation License

    • ECONOMIC: What will be the cost of the line and impact on taxpayers?

    • HOUSING: Will light rail affect property values for nearby homeowners and if so, how?

    • QUALITY OF LIFE: Will construction disrupt current neighborhoods or businesses?

    • PUBLIC SAFETY: What has the existing light rail line done to public safety, accidents or crime?

    If the story was being written for a business news segment there would be a different set of questions based on the interests and needs of the audience for business news:

    • How will construction affect the local economy or employment?

    • What businesses might prosper (or be hurt) if the proposal goes through?

    • What has happened to businesses on the current line?

    • How will the construction contractors be selected?

    Depending on the audience needs, the questions that might be explored about a broad topic like light rail transportation can quickly get quite specific. This specificity helps to narrow the focus of the information you will need to find.