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10: Developing Meaningful Relationships

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    What images fill your mind when you hear the word relationship? Perhaps you think of a romantic partner or a spouse—or even an ex. Or maybe the term conjures up thoughts of parents, siblings, or children.

    These are some of the most common relationships that fill your life, but many other types affect your academic journey.

    How you interact with other people—both in and out of the classroom—can influence your college success. Learning positive ways to handle challenges, understanding personal boundaries, and navigating social cues will help you to become more engaged in classroom experiences. You can also use these skills as tools to get involved beyond the classroom walls.

    Throughout this course, you’ve explored ways to be successful in college—managing time, studying effectively, and communicating well, to name a few lessons. In this module, you’ll learn more about the types of relationships you’ll need to develop during your academic career and the appropriate ways to use the skills you’ve gained to make sure these relationships are healthy, balanced, and successful.


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