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    Ableism structural discrimination against disabled people.        
    Bioethics relates to the study moral questions about life and living beings.        
    Biomarker a measurable, predictable biological indicator of a specific condition that can identify potential diagnoses and/or treatments.        
    Deinstitutionalization the movement to close institutions, asylums, and state schools.        
    Eugenics the idea that some people are smarter, healthier, and better because of their genes.        
    Eugenicist people who studied, practiced, and believed in eugenics.        
    Euphemism a way of not saying things straightforwardly.        
    Free Association when people think of every word that comes to mind about a particular topic.        
    Genetic Counselor a professional who understands genetic conditions, discusses test results, and advises patients of options for treatment and reproduction.        
    Genetic Variation differences from and changes to what is expected in DNA.        
    Medical Model of Disability disability is seen as an individual problem that requires medical intervention.        
    Natural Selection Charles Darwin’s theory that the animals (including ancestors of humans) who adapted best to their environment and had the best qualities would be most likely to survive, mate, and have offspring.        
    Neurodiversity the understanding that all brains are different and that those differences are neutral.        
    Social Darwinist person who used Darwin’s theories to try to understand society and thought that groups of people who were struggling were biologically worse.        
    Social Model of Disability disability is seen as a byproduct of society’s ableist barriers.        
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