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6.1: Introduction

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    Early childhood educators play an essential role in ascertaining how young children are developing nuanced understandings of emergent literacy skills. Embracing assessment as an ongoing and recursive practice supports educators’ efforts communicating children’s progress in meaningful ways. Strong assessment practices help engage diverse stakeholders including families, administrators, accreditation agencies, and children. Moreover, assessment data guides the instructional decisions educators make on a daily basis to enhance and promote young children’s rapidly evolving literacy skills and understandings. Accordingly, learning how to use diverse sets of assessment tools and interpret data to gain insight into young children’s evolving agency as readers, writers, and communicators is a critical part of an early educator’s professional practice. This chapter prepares educators to develop, implement, and interpret a variety of literacy assessment tools to document and enhance children’s emerging literacies.

    This chapter will enable each student to

    Illustration of a bird in flight Demonstrate how becoming assessment literate allows educators to see, support, and document children’s emerging literacy skills.

    illustration of a branch Evaluate the assessment tools that educators use to gain insight into young children’s emerging literacy skills.

    illustration of a branch Analyze the ways in which early educators integrate a variety of assessment practices into their curricular routines to document children’s emerging literacy skills.

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