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    This book is a modification of the BCcampus Accessibility Toolkit which discussed how to build accessibility into Pressbooks. 

    We thank BCCampus and acknowledge those who built that book

    • CAPER-BC and Tara Robertson for their continued involvement and work on ensuring educational resources are accessible to all students
    • Sue Doner of Camosun College for her work in Universal Design, and creating the accessibility check points in this book
    • Amanda Coolidge for managing the project and providing enthusiastic support
    • Josie Gray for adding information on how to create accessible content in Pressbooks, writing the chapter on Accessibility Statements, and making other improvements for the second edition
    • Laura Bulk, Mila Cherny, Charmaine Co, Lauren Rubin, Shruti Shravah, Steven Woo, and Chazz Young, the enthusiastic and generous student testers of this toolkit
    • Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery for giving permission to remix their personas of people with disabilities and releasing them under a CC BY license, as part of this toolkit
    • Penn State for giving permission to use their accessibility guidelines on formulas and equations and releasing them under a CC BY license, as part of this toolkit
    • Cynthia Ng for working on the personas
    • Hilda Anggraeni for creating and adapting several personas
    • The University of PEI for developing and contributing four new personas to the Appendix B: Redesign or Accommodation Activity Guidelines
    • BCcampus for leading this initiative to ensure that open textbooks are accessible from both a financial and access perspective
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