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7.3: Study Guide for Part VI

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  • Minority Studies: A Brief Text: Study Guide for Part VI—Hate Kills! The Consequences of Bigotry

    • Be able to define and discuss stratification/inequality stratification
      • The unequal distribution of the goods of society
        • Wealth, power, status
      • Social inequality
        • A system in which people are denied access to the goods of society based on their group membership
    • Define, discuss, and give examples of master status
      • Review master statusRace or ethnicity, sex or gender, age, religion, disability, and SESSES
        • Socioeconomic Status= income+education+occupation
      • Define and discuss SES
        • What is SES and how does it impact peoples’ lives?
    • The stratification hierarchy
      • Where someone is placed in terms of access to wealth, power, and status
      • Based on various aspects of their master status
      • How does the stratification hierarchy affect
        • Racial and ethnic minorities?
        • Women?
        • Sexual orientation minorities?
        • Religious minorities?
        • The disabled?
    • Define Thomas’s Theorem and explain how it relates to issues of stratification/inequality
      • How do our concepts of reality affect the way we judge others?
      • Discuss the ways in which the human mind creates social categories
      • Define and discuss stereotypes
        • How many stereotypes about groups other than your own can you list?
          • Are any of these stereotypes true?
          • Why or why not?
        • How many stereotypes about your own group can you list?
          • Are any of these stereotypes true?
          • Why or why not?
    • Look at the World Demographic “Clock” and explain what it shows
      • What did you learn from this that you did not know before?
    • Find data that break down world demographics into percentages.“If the World Were a Village of 100 People.”
    • Define, discuss, and give examples of Infant Mortality Rates, Literacy Rates, Life Expectancy, and GDP/GNP in the richest and poorest nations in the world
    • Define, discuss, and give examples of expulsion
    • Define, dicusss, and give examples of genocide