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3.1: Overview of Process

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    Students are placed in an agency through the cooperative efforts of the Practicum Coordinator, the student, the agency, and other faculty who may be able to help with specific agency placements. The Practicum Coordinator has final authority for all agency placements. Steps to obtaining a practicum placement are:

    1. Students’ must apply through an Intent to Enroll survey link for Field Work Practicum by the midterm in the semester prior to enrollment in the course (note that this would be spring for the fall semester).  The link and process deadlines may be found on the program webpage at:
    2. The student prepares a resume. These resumes are for the student to present to potential agency supervisors. Help with resumes is available through Career Services at:
    3. The student needs to obtain and submit current copies (within one year of the start of the practicum) of clearances required by the practicum site, such as the Child Abuse Clearance, State Police Criminal Background Check, and FBI Fingerprinting. You will need to check with the practicum site for their specific requirements before you obtain clearances. Go to and click the clearance tab for information on how to obtain the clearances.
    4. Students contact and visit potential agencies discussing the possible placement opportunities and the requirements for completion of the practicum. At this time, the student submits a resume to the agency. Students are strongly encouraged to visit several agencies before selecting a placement. The Practicum Coordinator will supply the student with a list of potential sites.
    5. Students are responsible for following up on these contacts. If a placement is offered by an agency and the student accepts, the agency supervisor and the student must contact the Practicum Coordinator and submit the Learning Contract and Educational Plan with written goals and objectives for approval. Once the Practicum Coordinator receives these documents and approves the placement the student will be allowed to register for the practicum course.
    6. HACC requires that there be a signed legal agreement between the practicum agency and the college. The Practicum Coordinator has a list of agencies that have already signed an agreement with HACC. If the student wishes to do their practicum at an agency that does not have an agreement with HACC, the Practicum Coordinator will initiate the contract process with the agency. Students should be aware that this process takes time and there are no guarantees that the agency will agree to contract with HACC. As a result, it is critical that the student contact the Practicum Coordinator early to allow time for all requirements to be in place before the semester they wish to do their practicum in starts.
    7. Once the practicum placement is approved by the Practicum Coordinator the student and the agency supervisor then agree upon scheduling details at the agency. The Practicum Coordinator will do an override so the student can register for the course. Students will not be permitted to register for the practicum without an approved placement. No student will be permitted to begin practicum hours until all steps for obtaining a practicum as outlined above have been completed and the semester they are registered for has begun.

    3.1: Overview of Process is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Wendy D. Bratina.

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