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5.2: Agency Project (proposal, summary, presentation)

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    Semester-Long Project

    Students are to discuss with their field work supervisor a project the student can complete by the end of the semester.  This project should be completed before the last Practicum class [if the project is not completed by this time, it can be submitted in its incomplete form with the permission of the agency supervisor]. Students will present oral reports about their projects during the last class/seminar.

    The Process

    A 1-2-page typed outline of the project must be presented in class to the Practicum Instructor by the third week of the semester.  The Practicum Instructor provides suggestions for changes, signs the outline, and returns the outline to the student the following week.  When the project is completed, the student submits a one-page summary of the project to the Practicum Instructor.

    The Purpose

    The purpose of this assignment is for the student to leave “a piece of his or her work” at the agency which will remain at the agency long after the student has completed the practicum and graduated from HACC. The project should be something the agency needs, but could not complete due to agency constraints, but must be a manageable assignment. That is, it must be something that can be completed within the time of a student’s Practicum placement.

    Agency Project Ideas

    *all projects must be approved by instructor*

    • Compose/revise an agency operation/policy and procedure manual
    • Organize and conduct a food drive
    • Start a food pantry
    • Write a resource guide for agency personnel
    • Write a resource guide for clients
    • Develop a curriculum
    • Propose/conduct an educational support group proposal
    • Develop a music/art/other program
    • Organize/conduct a donation drive for a need of the agency
    • Develop informational brochures or handouts on a specific topic that would benefit the clients of the agency
    • Collaborate with another agency to streamline the intake process and develop supporting documentation
    • Organization of documentation/filing system of agency
    • Document success stories of agency clients (written, videotaped, etc.)
    • Build a database based on needs of agency
    • Create a flower/vegetable garden
    • Do a needs assessment of the agency or clients or staff
    • Research community mapping of resources
    • Assist agency in writing a grant to meet an identified need
    • Create a survey and administer to staff or clients on a topic (training needs, resource needs, volunteer needs, client satisfaction, staff satisfaction, etc.)
    • Develop a list of items a new hire would need to learn about based upon your experience as a practicum student
    • Create a learning library for the agency
    • Develop comprehensive intake process/forms for the agency
    • Develop/revise/administer a client satisfaction survey
    • Develop an event with a learning component (garden, flower planting, art, etc.)
    • Connect with the agency’s community and form partnerships, advertise agency services, collaborate on an event
    • Develop social media presence for the agency
    • Organize a fundraising event
    • Develop a form for residential supervisors in an agency to fill out with emergency and non-emergency information for each home and train staff on safety protocols.
    • Property improvement (fix up outdoor area, organize rooms, etc.)

    5.2: Agency Project (proposal, summary, presentation) is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Wendy D. Bratina.

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