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9.2: Learning Contract and Educational Plan

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    HUMS 215 Learning Contract and Educational Plan


    Student Name   _______________________________    HACC ID __________________________________

    Student Phone Number _________________________    Student Major  _____________________________

    Semester                                            ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________ _    Year              ______________________________

    County Agency is Located                                 _________________________________________________

    Agency Name                                   __________________________________________________________

    Address  _________________________________________________________________________________

    Phone   _________________________________________________________________________________

    Director   ________________________________________________________________________________

    Supervisor of Student     ____________________________________________________________________

    Supervisor’s Degree _____________________ _____ Discipline (ex. Social Work)  ______________________

    Supervisor’s Phone:  __________________________ Email:  _______________________________________

    Phone number of work site:                    _______________________________________________________

    Hours of work: (Schedule Plus Total Hours per Week)               ______________________________________

    Student Responsibilities

    1. Perform tasks outlined by the Fieldwork Supervisor as guided by the Educational Plan.
    2. Regularly attend the organization during the hours arranged for the fieldwork.
    3. Keep track of hours completed.
    4. Practice confidentiality and all other relevant ethical considerations.
    5. Be prompt and active in attendance at agency conferences and supervisory sessions.
    6. Learn how to effectively utilize supervision including accepting feedback .
    7. Attend weekly seminars held on campus and complete all assignments.
    8. Evaluate the Practicum placement experience using the Student Evaluation Form.
    9. Evaluate the Human Services Program at HACC.
    10. Comply with the Human Services Code of Ethics and the Essential Qualifications.

    Fieldwork Supervisor Responsibilities

    1. Orient the student to the purpose of the agency and its role in the Human Service Delivery system.
    2. Define the student's role in the Agency.
    3. Orient the student to the specific tasks the student will perform.
    4. Oversee and implement the student's Learning Contract and Educational Plan.
    5. Hold regular weekly supervisory meetings with the student.
    6. Contact the Practicum Instructor at the College if there are problems in the student's job performance
      or adjustment.
    7. Help the student integrate the field work experience with classroom work.
    8. Recommend additional reading to enlarge the student’s understanding of the Human Service field 
      or the client population being served.
    9. Evaluate the student's performance in the fieldwork placement.
    10. Evaluate the Human Services Program at HACC.





    Practicum Instructor Responsibilities

    1. Coordinate the Learning Contract and Educational Plan with student and Field Work Agency  
    2. Contact the student's agency supervisor at the beginning of the semester to plan the details of the
      student's field experience in accordance with agency needs and learning objectives for the course.
    3. Plan and conduct weekly seminars on campus to involve all students in field placements.
    4. Meet with student and/or agency supervisor individually as needed for any problems regarding
      the student's adjustment or any concerns about the practicum experience.
    5. Negotiate problems arising out of student placement.
    6. Meet with agency supervisor and student on site for at least one time during the semester.
    7. Determine the semester grade for each student based on the field work Agency Supervisor's
      evaluation, the student's performance in the seminar, and written assignments.

    *A student may be terminated in a field placement during the semester by request of the agency, the College  or the student after consultation together.

    Educational Plan

    The Learning activities on this Educational Plan are to be completed and agreed upon by both the student and the Field Work Site Supervisor. Learning Activities need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-limited (SMART). Learning activities will need to be completed by the end of the practicum.

    Learning Objective 1.

    Learning Activities




    Learning Objective 2.

    Learning Activities




    Learning Objective 3.

    Learning Activities




    Learning Contract Parties:

    Student:                      ________                                                Date                                                                  

    Agency Supervisor:                                                _________     Date                                                                   

    9.2: Learning Contract and Educational Plan is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Wendy D. Bratina.

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