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7.27: Assignment- Testing Strategies

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    Option 1

    Everyone feels some anxiety about tests. However, too much anxiety can interfere with your test preparation and test taking. Take this 5-minute assessment to determine how much test anxiety you may have and what you can do about it.

    Option 1 Objectives

    • Gain insight to your level of test anxiety
    • Determine your best strategies for lessening test anxiety

    Option 1 Directions

    1. Visit the Test Anxiety Assessment at
    2. Click on the “Continue to Assessment” button. You have the option to take the test in Spanish.
    3. Click on the best answer to each of the 35 questions.
    4. When you’re finished, you’ll receive a brief assessment of your level of text anxiety. You can also click on a link to learn 20 ways to reduce your test anxiety.

    Option 2

    Option 2 Objectives

    • Identify sources of test anxiety and techniques for preventing and controlling it
    • Identify test-taking strategies to improve your performance

    Option 2 Directions

    1. Review the set of questions, below. Think about how you prepare (or don’t prepare) for tests and exams. What do you struggle with? What steps can you take to better prepare for your exams this semester?
    2. Make a list of what you feel are your main worries or concerns about tests or what you find most difficult to cope with. You might consider contacting your tutor to ask for advice,or find out if there are any exam-preparation workshops at your college.
    3. Make another list of any good ideas and strategies you intend to try as you prepare for your next test.

    Revision and Examinations

    1. How would you summarize your overall feelings about tests?
    2. How long is your study period? How long before the actual exam would you start studying?
    3. What sort of pattern does your study take? Do you work in phases, small bits or longer periods?
    4. How close to the test do you study? Up to the night before, or do you have a break?
    5. How carefully do you plan or structure your study period? Do you plan a detailed outline of what you will do, or do you just start and work through?
    6. If you need to memorize material, do you have any particular way of doing it?
    7. Do you record material in any way, perhaps summarize it on cards or paper, or record it?
    8. Do you try to include any new material while studying, or do you stick with what you have already studied?
    9. Do you try to reorganize your material, perhaps rewrite notes?
    10. Do you make use of back papers? Do you practice answering actual questions?
    11. What do you do on the night before and the morning of the test?
    12. What do you think and feel as you journey to the test location?
    13. Do you stand outside talking with others, or so you stand alone?
    14. Between going into the room and starting the test, do you have rituals such as where you place the things you’ve taken with you? Do you meditate, pray, or practice relaxation?
    15. Once the test starts, do you have a particular pattern of work?
    16. Do you have a problem with timing?
    17. Do you check back through your work before you submit it?
    18. What do you do immediately after the test?
    19. Do you contact other students or your tutor after the exam?
    20. Looking back at the tests you have taken, do you feel you have learned anything that has helped you or might help you to do better?
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