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2: Inclusivity Session

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    Learning Objectives

    Participants will be able to:

    • Be aware of the benefits and challenges of diversity in the classroom
    • Describe the impact of privilege, stereotype threat and unconscious bias and strategies to offset their impact
    • Discuss ideas about how to incorporate inclusive strategies into classroom activities


    Stereotype Threat:

    Implicit Bias

    Implicit bias tests

    Three steps to address unconscious bias:

    1. Understand that unconscious bias is normal
    2. Identify your biases and their potential impact in the workplace
    3. Broaden your viewpoint and educate others

    Assumptions & Privilege:

    The assumptions we and our students make in a learning community can exacerbate discrepancies in privilege

    Equality vs. Equity:

    • With equality, we assume everyone is the same and have the same needs
    • With equity, we want everyone to be treated fairly depending on needs
    • With liberation, the cause of the inequity was addressed and systemic barriers were removed


    Awareness is key to mitigating the impact of our unconscious assumptions with intentional actions in the classroom

    Additional Resources:

    New classroom tool being developed at Harvard for inclusive teaching practices in large courses:

    Video on Cultural Humility:

    Session Slides:

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