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Book: Intercultural Communication for the Community College (Karen Krumrey-Fulks)

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    • Contributed by Karen Krumrey-Fulks
    • Faculty Instructor (Language, Literature & Communication) at Lane Community College

    If all cultures developed the ability to communicate, why do we see things so very differently? What purpose did communication serve in a culture? How did some cultures develop ways in which to share and negotiate meaning that my culture did not? Can I truly communicate with someone that doesn’t share my dominant culture? What does competent intercultural communication “look” like? In the quest to explore the multiple facets of intercultural communication, this book is divided into three general areas: foundations, elements, and contexts. The foundations cover the basic principles associated with communication studies and culture. The elements move beyond the basics into self, identities, verbal, and nonverbal process associated with communication and culture. Contexts explore all the different environments such as media, business, and education, in which intercultural communication occurs.