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1: Introduction to Organizational Communication

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    • 1.1: Introduction
    • 1.2: What is an Organization?
      As with any academic endeavor, one must understand what one is studying before one can delve into the specifics and intricacies of the subject matter. For this reason, this section is going to start by defining what is meant by the term “organization” and then looking at three different ways of categorizing different types of organization.
    • 1.3: What is Communication?
      First and foremost, there is no agreed upon definition of the word “communication” by various scholars. In fact, various scholars have attempted to examine the term and generally found that there are a vast array of different approaches to understanding the term.
    • 1.4: History of Organizational Communication
      Now that we’ve examined what we mean by “human communication” in this book, let’s switch gears and discuss the nature of “organizational communication.” To help us understand what is meant by the term “organizational communication,” we’ll explore differing ways of viewing the term and then a basic conceptual definition that we will use in this book.
    • 1.5: Approaches to Organizational Communication Research
    • 1.6: Chapter Exercises