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    Learning to Learn Online is the result of the collaborative work of the KPU Learning Centres team. This resource would not be possible without the contributions of the following individuals:

    • Alice Macpherson, who developed many of the Learning Aids that provided foundational content for the material in this book. The workshop content on teamwork depends heavily on the learning resources she created.
    • Rawia Inaim and Graeme Robinson-Clogg, who created many of the educational graphics and worksheets found in these materials.
    • Adam Vincent, who developed many of the time management materials and interactive exercises.
    • Emily Tan, who recorded many of the videos included in these materials and served as a reviewer.
    • Kim Tomiak, for her work reviewing the book and valuable suggestions on presenting the Community of Inquiry model.
    • Marti Alger, who developed many of the Learning Aids that provided foundational content, and contributed to the initial resource development content.
    • Wajeeha Rahman, who reviewed the materials and provided key insights from a student perspective.
    • Mustafa Mohammed, who created accessible alternatives for some learning activities.
    • Leeann Waddington and Laurel Tien, who helped to shape the initial structure of the resource, and piloted these materials in their classes.

    Thanks also to the KPU Open Education Resources Grant, and Rajiv Jhangiani, for support in creating these materials.

    Christina Page (Editor)

    August 2018

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