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4.10: Key Terms Defined

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  • Commodification: The process of transforming a cultural activity into a saleable product.

    Cultural ecology: Study of human adaptations to physical environments.

    Cultural Landscape: Landscapes produced by the interaction of physical and human inputs.

    Cultural reproduction: The process of inculcating cultural values into successive generations.

    Cultural tourism: A variety of tourism concerned with exploring the culture of a place.

    Culture: Learned human behavior associated with groups.

    Culture Hearth: Historic location of cultural formation.

    Fashion: The latest and most socially esteemed style of clothing or other products and behaviors.

    Folk Culture: Culture practiced by a small, homogeneous, usually rural group. AKA Traditional culture.

    Formal region: A region that has defined boundaries, often a governmental unit such as a country, province, or county.

    Functional region: A region defined by a relationship, such as the market area of a product, a commuter zone or an employment market.

    Globalization: The global movement of money, technology, and culture.

    Heterogeneous: A population composed of dissimilar people.

    Homogeneous: A population composed of similar people.

    Material culture: The objects and materials related to a particular culture.

    Perceptual region: Internally defined region that exists as the expression of a cultural type.

    Placelessness: The state of having no place. In the modern context, a place exactly like any other place.

    Popular Culture: Culture created for consumption by the mass of population.

    Resistance: Actively pursuing a policy of obstruction of a particular process or undertaking.

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