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5: Middle and Late Childhood

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    • 5.1: Prelude to Middle and Late Childhood
      Overview of physical development in middle and late childhood, in terms of physical growth and brain development.
    • 5.2: Sports
      Impacts and benefits of participating in sports for children. Demographics of children's participation in sports.
    • 5.3: Childhood Obesity
      Trends and consequences of children being overweight or obese. Research into methods for preventing childhood obesity.
    • 5.4: Cognitive Development in Middle and Late Childhood
      Cognitive skill development in the middle- and late-childhood Piagetian stage of concrete operational thought.
    • 5.5: Information Processing
      Development of children in middle and late childhood in several areas of cognitive function, including the capacity of working memory, their ability to pay attention, and their use of memory strategies.
    • 5.6: Language Development
      Language development and communication disorders in middle and late childhood.
    • 5.7: Theories of Intelligence
      Overview of several theories of intelligence, including general vs. specific intelligence, the triarchic theory of intelligence, and the theory of multiple intelligences.
    • 5.8: Measuring Intelligence - Standardization and the Intelligence Quotient
      The standardization process for intelligence test scores, and how the Intelligence Quotient measure of intelligence is calculated. Extremes of intelligence as assessed by IQ.
    • 5.9: Education
      The contributions of parents and culture to a child's experiences in school, which becomes a very important component of development and life during middle and late childhood.
    • 5.10: Children with Learning Disabilities
      Definition and categories of learning disabilities. Major legislation that improved the rights of individuals with disabilities, and the impact of this legislation on the educational experience of children with learning disabilities.
    • 5.11: Socioemotional Development in Middle and Late Childhood
      Socioemotional development in middle and late childhood, including Erikson's stage of industry vs. inferiority and the development of various aspects of self-understanding. Kohlberg's stages of moral development and how they develop throughout life.
    • 5.12: Friends and Peers
      The increased importance of friendships in middle and late childhood. Discussion of peer relationships and bullying.
    • 5.13: Family Life
      Discussion of the impact of family tasks, living arrangements, and divorce on socioemotional development in middle and late childhood.
    • 5.C: COVID-19 Impact on Middle/Late Childhood
      Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the middle and late childhood age group, including parental deaths, educational disruption, and the increase in gun violence and death, including school shootings, since the pandemic.
    • 5.R: Conclusion and References

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