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6: Adolescence

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    • 6.1: Growth in Adolescence
      Overview of growth in adolescence, including overall physical growth and the sexual development and other changes associated with puberty.
    • 6.2: Adolescent Brain
      Development of the adolescent brain in terms of interconnection and specialization. Changes in the limbic system, and their connection to hormonal changes from puberty.
    • 6.3: Adolescent Sleep
      Recommended sleep schedules for adolescents, risks of adolescents not getting adequate sleep, and some reasons for why they may not get enough sleep.
    • 6.4: Adolescent Sexual Activity
      Rates of adolescent sexual activity. Rates, risk factors, and consequences of adolescent pregnancy.
    • 6.5: Eating Disorders
      Prevalence of eating disorders in adolescents. Classifications, risk factors, health consequences, and treatments for eating disorders.
    • 6.6: Cognitive Development in Adolescence
      Overview of cognitive development in adolescence, in terms of Piaget's formal operational stage and information processing theories on cognitive control, inductive and deductive reasoning, and intuitive vs. analytic thinking.
    • 6.7: Education
      Issues that may affect adolescents during the transition from elementary to middle school, and from middle to high school. Specific focus on high school dropout rates and causes.
    • 6.8: Teenagers and Working
      Trends in and concerns about teenagers working, especially in relation to the school year.
    • 6.9: Teenage Drivers
      Concerns regarding teenage drivers, including accident prevalence rates and trends over time.
    • 6.10: Psychosocial Development in Adolescence
      Overview of various aspects of psychosocial development in adolescence, including self-concept and self-esteem, Erikson's psychosocial task of identity vs. role confusion, Marcia's theory of identity statuses, and Phinney's theory of the stages of ethnic identity development.
    • 6.11: Adolescents' Relationships
      How adolescents' relationships with parents, peers, and romantic partners impact their psychosocial development.
    • 6.C: COVID-19 Impact on Adolescence
      Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the adolescent age group, including detrimental mental health effects, increased stress on adolescents who are caregivers, and the reduced importance of standardized exams in college admissions.
    • 6.R: Adolescence (References)

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