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Preface to the Third Edition

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    Preface to the Third Edition

    This third edition of America: The User’s Manual updates the text and figures to reflect developments in American politics since the second edition was published. The chapters remain intentionally brief (no longer than 12 pages each), but five new figures have been added, and several chapters have been expanded to cover topics that were previously given short shrift, particularly campaign finance, filibusters, gerrymandering, iron triangles, Supreme Court decision-making, and news media regulation.

    For the first time, official instructor materials for the textbook are available, including chapter learning objectives, vocabulary lists, supplemental readings, activities, and a test bank. Also for the first time, paperback copies of the textbook are available for purchase. These paperback copies are sold “at cost,” meaning purchasers pay only the cost of printing and shipping the book, plus tax. The author earns no profit from paperback sales. To access instructor materials and find out more about purchasing paperback copies, visit or email

    With each new edition, the list of people who contributed to the project through their thoughtful comments and suggestions grows. Thanks are due to Isaiah Baggett, Monique Bruner, Paul Davis, James Dawson, Moira Fleming, Mary Hallock Morris, Allison Kantack, Kelly Kantack, Ronda Kantack, Bryan McQuide, and Jakob Miller for making this third edition better that it otherwise would have been. What errors or deficiencies remain are solely my responsibility.

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