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    Chapter 1

    By Micah Beckman, MSW

    This chapter was written by Micah Beckman, a social work MSW student, as her final Capstone project. The purpose of this chapter is to provide introductory knowledge regarding the history surrounding the social work profession and orient students to the professional roles and knowledge required to become an effective social worker. Self-Awareness and its importance are discussed and activities are provided to help students explore their individual strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and motivations. Key characteristics and skills essential to the social work profession are identified and discussed for those students who are wishing to pursue a career within the social work profession.

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 author Colton J. Cnossen and his puppy, River

    Colton J. Cnossen

    About the author:

    Colton Cnossen, the author of this chapter, graduated with honors from the master’s program at Ferris State University in May of 2017. Cnossen also completed his undergrad in social work Ferris, and has been very passionate about contributing his knowledge to the field of social work. Cnossen hopes to work with youth throughout his career, particularly in a school setting or with a community mental health agency. Colton has coached middle school basketball the past five years and has been very successful. Coaching is something Cnossen wants to continue doing as he finds it a great way to help youth and give back to the community. Colton strongly encourages that all social workers find something they enjoy doing that is contributing to their local community.

    Cnossen is a strong supporter of self-care and has been known as a master of self-care. He takes full advantage of every opportunity he can to keep his mind at peace. He truly enjoys being on the water, kayaking, boating, or fishing. Colton recently adopted an English Springer Spaniel puppy he named River. River has been a great fit for Colton’s self-care plan and enjoys every adventure with him. Above is a photo of Colton and his puppy, River.

    Some advice Colton has for you as a social worker is to design a self-care plan that truly brings you happiness, and stick to it. He also recommends finding things to be thankful for in life and to not overlook the small things.

    Chapter 3

    Sandra Antoine Tiffany, LLMSW

    Chapter 3 author, Sandra A. Tiffany

    Sandra Tiffany, a limited licensed master social worker, received her Bachelor of Anthropology degree, with a specialization in Native American cultures, at Michigan State University. She earned her Master’s in Social Work degree at Ferris State University. The majority of her practice experience has been in Medical Social Work. Her research interests include drug and alcohol addictions, with particular emphasis on its effect on the family unit; service inequities among diverse populations; and culture and diversity in social work education and practice. Sandra currently serves as a facilitator for Randy’s House in Greenville, MI. She earned her Recovery Coach certificate and is affiliated with several service organizations.

    Chapter 4

    Aikia Fricke

    Chapter 4 author, Aikia Fricke

    My Name is Aikia Fricke, I currently work for Community Mental Health for Central Michigan. I have worked with this agency since 2008, working as a clubhouse advocate, case manager, and most recently as an employment specialist. I obtained my BSW at Ferris State University in 2006, and I am currently an MSW candidate at Ferris State University. I am a full-time mother to four lovely children and a full-time wife to a wonderful and very supportive husband, as without his tremendous support furthering my education would not have been possible. I hope that you find this chapter interesting, informative, and helpful as many of you began your journey into the field of social work.

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 6 author – Lindsey Bronold

    About the Author:

    My name is Lindsey Bronold, I myself graduated from Ferris State University (FSU) with my Bachelors of Social Work in 2016, and my Masters of Social Work in 2017; go bulldogs! Throughout my academic journey I was able to gain incredible experiences in the field through my undergraduate and graduate level internships. My internship experiences include working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault at Women’s information Services Incorporated, working with Community Mental Health practicing crisis intervention and stabilization, and practicing medical social work at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital. Since graduating in August 2017, I am currently working as a crisis stabilization specialist for Community Mental Health, as I have found that working in the field of mental health is where I am most passionate. I hope you too will find your passion within the field of social work as I am hopeful that this book will provide you with insight on many of different practice areas. Good luck in your studies and go bulldogs!

    Chapter 7

    Eden Airbets; MSW

    Chapter author, Eden Airbets

    I am a MSW who just completed the advanced standing program at Ferris State University. I am married and currently have a six-month-old baby. My passion is working with abused children and helping them build resilience. My ultimate goal is to counsel sexually abused children in hopes of empowering them to move beyond the trauma to do great things. I have experience with the child welfare system from interning at DHHS in undergrad, and interning at Child and Family Resiliency Center that used to exist at FSU. Using this experience and further research, my goal is to educate future social workers about the Child Welfare System. I will utilize the opportunities I have had to make an impact in their lives and encourage them to do amazing things.

    Chapter 8

    Ainslee McVay, MSW

    Chapter 8 author, Ainslee McVay

    I am a recent MSW graduate at Ferris State University. I graduated from Central Michigan University with my BSW in 2016. I am from a rural community in the thumb of Michigan, but have recently moved to Lansing, Michigan. My passion is gerontology and memory care, I enjoy working with the elderly. My two field placements were in nursing home and I continue to expand on my knowledge on all fields of social work. I wrote this chapter with hope to inspire a new generation of social workers.

    Chapter 9

    Katlin Ann Hetzel, BSW, MSW

    Chapter 9 author, Katlin A. Hetzel

    I attended Ferris State for my Bachelors of Social Work and my Master of Social Work. My passion for social work revolves around mental health, forensic and criminal mental health, substance abuse, and human trafficking. I have volunteered as an intern at Fieldstone Psychiatric Hospital and SBGB Substance Abuse outpatient treatment center in Battle Creek, Michigan. I completed my first year graduate internship at MRC Pathways Clubhouse and my master’s clinical internship at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a clinical case manager for Veterans with severe mental illnesses.

    In 2010, I moved to Louisville Kentucky where I worked as a Youth Counselor at a residential treatment facility for boys and girls. In 2011, I was offered a job as a Substance Abuse Therapist in Lusk Wyoming at the Wyoming Department of Corrections Woman’s Maximum Security Prison. I hope to continue working in the criminal justice and psychiatric field and eventually private practice.

    Chapter 10

    Keith Bogucki, MSW

    Chapter author – Keith Bogucki


    Keith Bogucki is a graduate of Ferris State University. He holds both a bachelors of science (BS) degree in psychology and a Masters of social work (MSW) degree. Keith has conducted research into PTSD treatments, modalities for working with people experiencing schizophrenia, as well as interning at the local Community Mental Health agency. While there he worked at the New Journey Clubhouse as well as the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team. These positions have allowed him to have personal interactions with those who are experiencing mental health issues.

    Chapter 11

    By: Kassandra Weinberg MSW

    Kassandra Weinberg is a recent graduate of Ferris State University as of August, 2017. Her undergraduate degrees are from Olivet College double majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice, which was the inspiration behind requesting to complete this chapter. Her professional experiences have consisted of completing various internships within settings combining criminal justice and social work including the Ingham County Youth Center, Children’s Protective Services, Eagle Village, and Bethany Christian Services working as a counselor. As of summer 2017 when this project was completed she was eagerly planning her upcoming wedding, and also enjoys reading, watching netflix, and spending time with her family and four cats.

    Chapter 12

    Authors: Brian Majszak and Troy Richard

    Author Biographies:

    Chapter 14 co-author, Brian Majszak

    Good day to you my fellow Social Workers! My name is Brian Majszak, and I co-authored this chapter. Specifically, I wrote the Introduction and Disclaimer, as well as sections II, IV, and VI.

    We authors felt it appropriate to detail why we chose to write our particular chapter. For me, working with Veterans is my dream. It has been ever since I got out of the military.

    The picture above is of myself (left) along with my supervisor and closest Army friend, Sergeant Moore. During the latter parts of High School, I decided to enlist. I served eight years in the Army: four years in Active Duty (over a year of that in Iraq), two years in the Army National Guard, and two years in the Army Reserves. I’d always joked that it would be just my luck that World War III would break out as soon as I joined. Unfortunately for us all, I wasn’t too far off. I was in Basic Combat Training on 9/11. I recall our Drill Sergeants telling us cryptically that 90% of us were going to war (without telling us specifically what happened that day, or detailing the specifics of the attack). I completed all my training and was stationed in Fort Polk, LA. I wasn’t there for very long though. Just a couple of years later and my Drill Sergeants’ prophecy came true: I, along with the rest of the 1st Squadron, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, were patrolling the streets of Baghdad, Iraq by April 2004. All in all, after we cleaned up the damage the invasion had wrought, trained up police and Iraqi Civil Defense Corps, and squashed an uprising or two, we were home after a short 16 months.

    After that experience, I was done with the military. The war in Iraq was so politically divisive that I had no desire to continue being a part of it. I decided to get out, but the allure of the military has a far-reaching grasp. I miss it. I will always miss it. I decided that I still wanted to help former service members out if I could. I went back to school and discovered social work. During that time, I learned that the emotional rollercoaster of my life since getting back from Iraq was attributed to my struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which only solidified my desire to work with Veterans. The rest is history.

    I am very passionate about providing service and assistance to my fellow brothers- and sisters-in-arms. In fact, when I first began social work, I did not want to work with any other population. Shortly after completing my BSW, I was very fortunate at landing a job at the local Community Action Agency and was the Lead Case Manager and Supervisor of the Supportive Services for Veteran Families grant for around three years. I’d also worked at the Veterans Office at Northwestern Michigan College setting up VA education benefits. Overall, I have around six years of experience as a professional working with veterans. Who better to assist them on the long road of life than one who is familiar with their daily struggles?

    Photo by Brian Majszak (co-author}

    Chapter co-author, Troy Richard

    My name is Troy Richard. I am one of the co-authors of this chapter titled Service members and Social Work. I wrote sections I, III, and V. I am going to give you a glimpse into my history and what qualifies me to take on such a task. I am a veteran with 23 years of service, which 11.5 of those years I spent on active duty. My career has been a wild ride, but it has also been fulfilling and has made me into the man I am today. I first joined the United States Navy in 1988, straight out of high school. I was a part of the USS Vincennes CG-49. This is a Ticonderoga-class Guided Missile Cruiser outfitted with the Aegis combat system that was in service with the United States Navy from July 1985 to June 2005.

    I began my time as a Deck Seaman. After a significant process that involved studying and testing, I elevated my rating to SK, or Storekeeper. I made E4 (Specialist) before I switched branches to the Army. I participated in the ritual for crossing the equator called pollywog or shellback.

    In 1991, I left the Navy and joined the Army National Guard. I served with the 125th Infantry unit which is a regiment under the U.S. Army Regimental System out of Saginaw, Michigan. The regiment currently consists of the 1st Battalion, 125th Infantry, and Infantry in the 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. I spent 2.5 years training at Fort Custer Training Center in Battle Creek, Michigan. During that time, I was transitioning from enlisted to officer, however, I resigned my commission and remained an enlisted member as an E-6 (SSgt). In 2002, I joined the Army Reserves as an instructor with the 100th Training Division for 88M (Transportation). This was an exciting time in my life because I got to give back to many soldiers regarding combat, tactical driving, and leadership.


    My combat dates are as follows:

    1990-1992 In support of both Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

    1993-1994 I participated in the “War on Drugs,”

    2003-2005 OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom).

    After 2007, I joined the 127th Air National Guard. I remained in the Air Guard until I retired as an E7 (Sergeant First Class). I am a father of five boys and currently reside in Bay City, MI. I have been diagnosed with aspects of the mental health struggles detailed throughout the chapter. I hope and pray that this chapter does justice for all member who have served in our military. To my fellow veterans and former Service Members, and to those seeking to make a positive difference, I salute you! Thank you for reading and I hope it was eye opening and educational.

    Chapter 13

    Emma Rutkowski

    Emma Rutkowski: I originally started at Ferris State University as a Pre-Nursing Student. I found my way to the Social Work program and graduated with my BSW in 2018 and then completed the one year advanced standing MSW program in 2019. My passion is hospice care and I am hoping to continue as a hospice care social worker. I plan to continue my love of rugby wherever my journey takes me. I would not be where I am today without the love and support of my family, boyfriend, amazing classmates, and professors. Thank you for everything; peace, love, and happiness to all that enter this field of social work and everyone you will meet. You will do amazing things!

    Kimberly Bomar, Photo by Ashley Barlow

    Kimberly Bomar: I graduated from Ferris State University with my BSW in 1992. I then went on to work as parole officer for the State of Michigan for 15 years and at the same time obtained my MS in Criminal Justice Administration in 2000. Some years later I moved to California where I worked for the Masonic Senior Outreach program as a care manager for senior members before returning to Michigan in 2016. This lead to my role at Catholic Charities as a Sex Offender Therapist. I then returned back to Ferris State University as a student in the advance standing program and earned my MSW degree. My heart belongs to the many seniors I’ve helped. The rewards they offer by just a smile or holding their hand, and the gratitude they show is more than words can say. I hope those who enter this field resonate with the passion both Emma and I have felt in our work within this population. They are amazing, loving people who believe we are providing a service to them, while in fact, they are fulfilling our lifelong campaign for devotion. My contribution to this chapter as co-editor is dedicated to my mother who is my amazing rock, my daughter, who I strive to emulate, and my father and son who are both in heaven and have taken a large part of my heart with them. I hope to make them all proud.

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