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14.5: Unit Assignment

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    Topic: Preparing for the Final Assignment

    Assignment: Presentation (Research and Outline)

    Your instructor should have assigned you a theme or topic and a country to focus on. Using this information, research your theme in relation to the country, and decide on a focus. Use a cluster map (similar to the “ME” chart you created in Unit 1) to create ideas.

    After you have decided on a topic, it’s time to conduct some research! There is a lot of information online, but be careful of which sites you get research from, as some websites act as propaganda tools for political parties and/or agendas. The best way to conduct research is still in a library, so visit your school’s library and see what books and journals they have on your topic. All of these topics are well-researched and published, so it will not be difficult to find information no matter your topic or country.

    After you have collected enough material to support your focused idea, it’s time to create an outline. Use the format above to create a rough outline for your presentation. An Outline Form is provided on the next page. (Tip: It may be a good idea to make a few copies of the Outline Form so that you can brainstorm ideas and not have to worry about making mistakes or changes in the textbook.) When you have finished, bring your outline to class and get feedback from a partner and your instructor!

    After you have revised your outline, it’s time to begin creating your script and PowerPoint. This is the final step of your journey to become a Global Critical Thinker, so, when you’re ready, move on to the last unit—Unit 15.

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