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Key Terms Chapter 15: Religion

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    (Eg. "Genetic, Hereditary, DNA ...")(Eg. "Relating to genes or heredity")The infamous double helix; Delmar Larsen
    Glossary Entries
    Animismthe religion that believes in the divinity of nonhuman beings, like animals, plants, and objects of the natural world    
    Atheismthe belief in no deities    
    Cultsreligious groups that are small, secretive, and highly controlling of members and have a charismatic leader    
    Denominationa large, mainstream religion that is not sponsored by the state    
    Ecclesiaa religion that is considered the state religion    
    Established Sectssects that last but do not become denominations    
    Liberation Theologythe use of a church to promote social change via the political arena    
    Megachurcha Christian church that has a very large congregation averaging more than 2,000 people who attend regular weekly services    
    Monotheisma religion based on belief in a single deity    
    Polytheisma religion based on belief in multiple deities    
    Religiona system of beliefs, values, and practices concerning what a person holds to be sacred or spiritually significant    
    Religious Beliefsspecific ideas that members of a particular faith hold to be true    
    Religious Experiencethe conviction or sensation that one is connected to “the divine”    
    Religious Ritualsbehaviors or practices that are either required for or expected of the members of a particular group    
    Secta small, new offshoot of a denomination    
    Totemismthe belief in a divine connection between humans and other natural beings    
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