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Key Terms Chapter 19: Health and Medicine

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    Example and Directions
    Words (or words that have the same definition)The definition is case sensitive(Optional) Image to display with the definition [Not displayed in Glossary, only in pop-up on pages](Optional) Caption for Image(Optional) External or Internal Link(Optional) Source for Definition
    (Eg. "Genetic, Hereditary, DNA ...")(Eg. "Relating to genes or heredity")The infamous double helix; Delmar Larsen
    Glossary Entries
    Anxiety Disordersfeelings of worry and fearfulness that last for months at a time    
    Commodificationthe changing of something not generally thought of as a commodity into something that can be bought and sold in a marketplace    
    Contested Illnessesillnesses that are questioned or considered questionable by some medical professionals    
    Demedicalizationthe social process that normalizes “sick” behavior    
    Disabilitya reduction in one’s ability to perform everyday tasks; the World Health Organization notes that this is a social limitation    
    Epidemiologythe study of the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases    
    Impairmentthe physical limitations a less-able person faces    
    Individual Mandatea government rule that requires everyone to have insurance coverage or they will have to pay a penalty    
    Legitimationthe act of a physician certifying that an illness is genuine    
    Medical Sociologythe systematic study of how humans manage issues of health and illness, disease and disorders, and healthcare for both the sick and the healthy    
    Medicalizationthe process by which aspects of life that were considered bad or deviant are redefined as sickness and needing medical attention to remedy    
    Medicalization of Deviancethe process that changes “bad” behavior into “sick” behavior    
    Mood Disorderslong-term, debilitating illnesses like depression and bipolar disorder    
    Morbiditythe incidence of disease    
    Mortalitythe number of deaths in a given time or place    
    Personality Disordersdisorders that cause people to behave in ways that are seen as abnormal to society but seem normal to them    
    Private Healthcarehealth insurance that a person buys from a private company; private healthcare can either be employer-sponsored or direct-purchase    
    Public Healthcarehealth insurance that is funded or provided by the government    
    Sick Rolethe pattern of expectations that define appropriate behavior for the sick and for those who take care of them    
    Social Epidemiologythe study of the causes and distribution of diseases    
    Socialized Medicinewhen the government owns and runs the entire healthcare system    
    Stereotype Interchangeabilitystereotypes that don’t change and that get recycled for application to a new subordinate group    
    Stigmatizationthe act of spoiling someone's identity; they are labeled as different, discriminated against, and sometimes even shunned due to an illness or disability    
    Stigmatization of Illnessillnesses that are discriminated against and whose sufferers are looked down upon or even shunned by society    
    Underinsuredpeople who spend at least 10 percent of their income on healthcare costs that are not covered by insurance    
    Universal Healthcarea system that guarantees healthcare coverage for everyone    
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