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SOC 300: Introductory Sociology (Lugo)

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    This course is a study of human behavior in society, including social groups, culture, personality, social stratification, social change, collective behavior and social institutions.

    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    SLO1: Develop the ability to analyze everyday experience from a sociological perspective.

    • Objective 1a: Understand how social forces influence people.
    • Objective 1b: Apply sociological imagination to recognize inequality of race, gender and class.
    • Objective 1c: Evaluate how institutions and organizations impact individuals.

    SLO 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific nature of social research.

    • Objective 1a: Understand the components of research.
    • Objective 1b: Develop an ability to interpret facts through critical thinking and the use of the inquiry method.
    • Objective 1c: Recognize the various methods of research.
    • Objective 1d: Compare and contrast the three sociological theories.

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