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SOC 301: Social Problems (Lugo)

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    This course is a survey of social problems in American society. It will examine their causes and evaluate proposed solutions. A special emphasis will be placed on local issues.

    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    SLO1: Demonstrate an ability to analyze contemporary social problems which exists in society.

    • Objectives 1a: Identify objective and subjective criterion for defining social problem.
    • Objective 1b: Articulate how sociological concepts can be used to explain social problems.
    • Objective 1c: Understand charts, diagrams and statistics of a given problem.

    SLO2: Recognize how social problems are analyzed at a macro and micro-level

    • Objective 2a: Master the three sociological paradigms used in the analysis of social problems.
    • Objective 2b: Describe how various theories address the social problem.
    • Objective 2c: Evaluate the validity of conclusions of the social problems by the three paradigms.

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