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SOC 302: Introduction to Social Research Methods (Ninh)

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    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    SLO1: Develop the ability to analyze and apply scientific research methods from a sociological perspective.

    • Objective 1a: Recognize the various methods of research.
    • Objective 1b: Apply scientific steps to construct a hypothesis, select a methodology, and collect and analyze data.
    • Objective 1c: Differentiate between qualitative methods and quantitative methods as research tools and assess projects that might benefit from a mixed modality approach.

    SLO 2: Demonstrate an understanding and ability to assess the scientific nature of social research.

    • Objective 2a: Utilize statistical software to organize, clean, and run descriptive and inferential analysis of data.
    • Objective 2b: Demonstrate an ability to apply critical thinking skills to evaluate literature reviews and research databases to find common themes in research design and reporting.
    • Objective 2c: Integrate research into a report with a project description, methodology, analysis, conclusions, and future areas of research
    • Objective 2d: Identify ethical issues in research

    This course examines theoretical and ethical principles in social science research with an applied emphasis on research design, utilization of qualitative and quantitative techniques, data coding, data cleaning and organization, descriptive and inferential analysis, and the writing of research reports. Students will be introduced to the application of statistical software for quantitative areas of course work.

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