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COMM 301: Public Speaking (DeMercurio)

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    This course prepares students to speak in a variety of rhetorical situations: academic, professional, social, and political. Students will demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal delivery, ethical research methodology, analytical thinking and listening skills, organization and outlining skills, and appropriate presentation skills. In order to effectively assess oral communication competency, this course requires faculty-supervised, faculty-evaluated oral presentations in the presence of others (physically or virtually). Emphasis is on researching, preparing, organizing, writing and presenting a variety of speeches for different audiences. Video recording equipment may be used as an aid to the student’s self-analysis and improvement. Access to a computer with online capabilities may be required and is available on campus.

    Student Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    • explain the basic principles of human communication with an emphasis upon the process of human symbolic interaction.
    • analyze the communication situation, audience, occasion, purpose and selection of subject matter.
    • formulate through research, analysis, and organization of material, oral presentations to inform, to persuade, and to mark a special occasion.
    • compose formal written outlines that reflect fully developed, logically structured, and unified oral presentations.
    • evaluate presentations for the purpose of demonstrating active listening,critical thinking and effective communication skills, both as speakers and as listeners.
    • explain and demonstrate the ethical responsibilities between speaker and audience within the communication transaction.
    • present original speeches in the presence of faculty and others, either physically or virtually.

    Open Educational Sources

    1. Stand Up, Speak Out  (chap 2.1, 5, 6, 7 & 8.1)

    2. A Concise Introduction to Logic (chap 8.3)

    3. Psychology 2e (chap 8.4)

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