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    This is a revision of a text that can be found in various places and in multiple formats. A great place to view the original text is at the University of Minnesota Libraries website. While the version provided here does not cite the original author, others have indicated that Charles Stangor is the original author. We're lucky that he has made his work available in this way.

    This revision of the text, introduced in early 2020, consists of the following changes:

    1. A combining of the 1st 2 chapters, Chapter 1 - Introducing Psychology and Chapter 2 - Psychological Science into a single chapter titled "The Science of Psychology". This change, of course, leads to a renumbering of all other chapters.
    2. A re-ordering of chapters. Instead of moving from coverage of biological psychology to sensation and perception, the 3rd chapter covers learning and the 4th addresses memory. 
    3. The "States of Consciousness" chapter (the new Chapter 7) has been replaced with the corresponding chapter from OpenStax. The presentation of sleep in the original text was not a standard presentation of the sleep stages. Sleep is now presented as consisting of 4 non-REM stages (I, II, III, and IV) plus REM for 5 sleep stages. 
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