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11.5: Sample Outline- Informative Speech on Haunted Places in Gettysburg

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    Specific Purpose



    I. The Devil’s Den is considered a site for paranormal activity.

    A. The Devil’s Den has historical significance retained during the American Civil War.

    1. Location held heavy fighting during battle that took place on July 2, of 1863.

    2. The total death toll estimated during battle consisted of 800 for the Union and more than 1,800 for the Confederates.

    B. Some reported paranormal activity at the Devil’s Den.

    1. According to author, consultant, and lecturer Dennis William Hauck, he states in his book Haunted Places that if you stand outside at the Devil’s Den there can be the sounds of drum rolls and gunshots heard.

    2. According to many visitors there have been many people that claim to have seen and/or taken pictures of and had conversations with a friendly soldier who either disappears or doesn’t show up in photographs. Transition: Spooky, unexplainable things happen at the Devil’s Den but there is also paranormal activity in another area of Gettysburg, Little Round Top.

    II. Another location said to be haunted is Little Round Top.

    A. Little Round Top’s historical significance.

    1. A site where Union soldiers held up to maintain an advantage over the Confederate soldiers.

    2. According to James Brann, an author from Civil War Magazine, this was a site Union Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain led his 20th Maine Regiment in perhaps the most famous counterattack of the Civil War.

    B. Manifestations at Little Round Top.

    1. During filming of the movie Gettysburg (1993), extras portraying Union soldiers were greeted by a man in the uniform of a Union private.

    a. Handed them musket rounds.

    b. Actual rounds that dated back to the Civil War.

    2. Ghostly solders can still be seen marching in formation and riding horses in the fight against their enemy.


    III. Hummelbaugh House is a non-battlefield place for ghost-sightings.

    A. Historical significance of Hummelbaugh House.

    1. The house is located on the east side of the city and was just behind the Union lines.

    2. It was used for a hospital and because of the times amputated limbs would be thrown out the windows resulting in a huge pile of body parts.

    B. Paranormal activity at the house.

    1. The windows in the house often startle people with loud vibrations.

    2. The calls for help from soldiers can still be heard in and around the house.



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