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11: Conclusion

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    Continuing Your Journey

    You’ve reached the end of this textbook and your FS 102 course, and we hope you have learned useful strategies and information. Please make your learning real by applying the concepts from this text to your life. This content applies to your academic journey as well as your career development and personal life. The soft skills discussed in this text, including mindset, goal-setting, self-management and emotional intelligence, are in great demand by all types of employers, and you will benefit personally from incorporating those skills into your life. Use the HACC resources listed throughout this text to ease your academic journey, or refer your classmates or colleagues who are in need to relevant resources. Finally, add the academic strategies to your “toolbox” so you can select useful techniques in each of your future classes.

    Remember to use a personal responsibility mindset and set SMART goals to maintain your motivation. Make SMART decisions including how you use your time and manage your money. Seek out needed HACC resources and collaborate with others both in college and in life. Utilize information literacy and all the tools offered by the HACC Library for your academic research plus expand your metacognition by employing various academic strategies. If you apply these strategies to your life, you will realize your positive potential as a college student, employee and fellow human being. We wish you the best as you continue your journey!


    We would like to thank the following people for their assistance with this Open Educational Resource (in no particular order) : Andrea Hartranft; Valerie Gray; Tamara Girardi; Kristy Vukoder and her Spring 2021 FS 102 students; Ricole Jayman; Rob Swatski; Tim Barshinger; Christine Nowik; Shelly Blanchette; Jennifer Billman; Rabyia Ahmed; Cathy Rosenkrans; Andrew Marah; David Satterlee; and PSECU. Thank you also to all the HACC administrators who supported the development of the First Year Seminar at HACC, especially Professor Janice Waltz who led the curriculum development and implementation of FYS in Foundational Studies.

    This page titled 11: Conclusion is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Heather Burns, Connie Ogle, & Allyson Valentine.

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