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9.35: Assignment- Substance Abuse

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    • Explain what substance use and abuse is and identify the warning signs that help may be needed
    • Identify resources for further information and guidance about substance abuse


    1. Pick a topic: Choose alcohol or one of the drugs discussed in this section on Substance Abuse.
    2. Consider the following scenario: You suspect that one of your college friends may be abusing this drug. Your goal is to educate yourself about the signs of abuse and collect resources that you can share with him/her.
    3. Visit one of the following Web sites to get initial relevant information on your topic. You can research other sites, if you chose a topic that’s not listed here.
    4. Research additional sites to identify local resources where someone like your friend might go, or places to call, for help.
    5. Write a 2-page letter to the fictional friend in which you share your concerns about his/her behavior and offer to help. Be sure to touch on the following:
      • The type of substance
      • The behavior(s) you’ve noticed your friend engaging in that worry you and cause you to suspect a substance abuse problem
      • The source of your information, which you’re sharing with your friend. For example: “I learned about the signs of heroin abuse from this Web site: . . .”
      • Why you think your friend should quit using or cut down
      • Your suggestions for what your friend should do and where to seek help. Give the names and contact information for at least 3 resources/organizations you found.
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