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3.5: Assignments and Discussions

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    Assignment prompts are provided with this course for instructors to use at their discretion. Since they are openly licensed, instructors may use them as is or to adapt to better fit the class’s focus, time frame and learning outcomes.

    Assignments may be delivered pre-populated in your LMS assignment tool in your LMS course shell, where you may modify or delete them as you wish. The recommended expectation for the discussion assignments is that students should do their initial post first before seeing replies from other students (This is generally an option faculty need to select once inside the LMS and looks like “Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum.” or “Users must post before seeing replies”).

    We do NOT recommend assigning every discussion and assignment, as some are large and time-consuming or may not fit well with your course schedule. Some marked as “larger assignments” could be introduced in earlier modules or split into several parts.

    If you would like to include your own assignments or have recommendations for additions or modifications, you are invited to contribute! If you would like to share your materials with other faculty and have them included in our list of options, please send them with an explanatory message to Be sure to mention which course and learning outcome(s) they align with when you send a message.

    Discussion Assignment
    Foundations of Sociology    
    Sociological Research    
    Society and Groups    
    Deviance, Crime, and Social Control    
    Stratification and Inequality    
    Race and Ethnicity    
    Gender, Sex, and Sexuality
    • Discussion: Gender
    • Find gender-specific advertisements and utilize one of the main theoretical perspectives to analyze gender stereotypes
    Marriage and Family    
    Health and Medicine    
    Aging and the Elderly    
    Government and Politics    
    Work and the Economy    
    Population, Urbanization, and the Environment    
    Social Movements and Social Change    
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