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4.16: Assignment- Sociologist Player Trading Cards

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    STEP 1: Select one of the sociological theorists discussed in this module. Search for relevant online biographical information about the sociologist, their family life, and/or their contributions to sociology that are not included in the module. Find a minimum of five facts that are interesting, fun, or outrageous (but true) about the sociologist you selected. What would interest people about this person? From mental illness to drunken brawls to living in abject poverty, early sociologists lived pretty colorful lives! Make sure you are using a minimum of 3 credible sources.

    STEP 2: Find an open source image of the sociologist by using Google (or another search engine). Using Google search, you can click “Images” and then under “Tools” select “Usage Rights.” Then select “Labeled for Reuse with Modification,” and don’t forget to include the APA image citation.

    Google search return showing how to use the Tools button to search for images that are "labeled for reuse"

    STEP 3: Compose a digital baseball card of sorts with a photo, and no fewer than five unique facts (separate from what is already in the module). Include correct APA citations. This can be done as a PowerPoint slide, in a Word document, or using a program of your choice, such as Easelly, Canva or Piktochart.

    STEP 4: Include a one-liner with the player’s (sociologist’s) stats, which in this case is their major contribution/s to sociology.

    STEP 5: Share your player’s stats with your classmates by using a LMS Wiki, Blog, Discussion Forum, and/or share your creation using either Flickr or Wikimedia Commons. Although not required, we strongly recommend uploading and releasing your work with a Creative Commons license.


    Criteria Points
    Five facts are factually accurate, provide new information, and are interesting and engaging. Four to five facts are included and may be somewhat redundant and/or are minimally interesting facts. Three facts or less that have factually inaccuracies or do not provide new or interesting information about the sociologist. ____/10
    A minimum of three credible sources are utilized to obtain facts and properly cited. Two to three credible sources are utilized with some citation errors. One or two sources (credibility could be in question) and more serious citation errors or lack of APA citations. ____/4
    Open source image is selected and properly cited using APA. Image is not open source and/or citation has one or more errors. No image or poor image selection and/or no citation or improper citation. ____/3
    Trading card has been carefully edited and formatted for clarity and readability. Some editing and formatting issues remain, affecting clarity and readability. Paper has substantial editing and formatting issues that inhibit the readability of the player’s trading card. ____/3
    Total: ___/20
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