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8.15: Discussion- Society and Formal Organizations

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    Part 1: For this discussion, pick ONE of the following prompts and write a response between 200-300 words. Pull in examples and applications from your own life as well as the readings.

    • What is a bureaucracy that most impacts your life? List the ideal-type characteristics outline by Weber in your reading on formal organizations, and evaluate Weber’s ideal-type. Does it accurately describe the bureaucracy you selected? Why or why not?
    • To what extent do you think our society is a meritocracy? Where do we see nepotism? The Kennedy and Bush Dynasties included multiple members of the same family serving in the most powerful positions in American government and many corporations also have extensive familial ties. What about in Ivy League institutions? Most have an alumni preference–does this take away from merit-based admissions?

    Part 2: Comment on posts from at least two other people in a thoughtful and engaging way. These responses should be at least 75 words.

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