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21.12: Assignment- Social Movements

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    STEP 1: Select a current social movement and complete research about its lifecycle. Research information about the movement’s origin, its purpose, goals, etc.

    STEP 2: Create a diagram/infographic of the social movement. Include information about its roots, purpose, and goals, and note how these fit into and evolve with the movement’s lifecycle. Either in the poster, or included in a separate explanatory paragraph, describe each stage of all the lifecycles discussed in the module, even if the social movement has not completed the entire lifecycle. Make predictions for the future of your chosen movement. Include proper APA citations (with at least two sources) either in the infographic or on a separate page.

    Helpful links for making infographics or posters:

    Share your creation with the world so that others can benefit from your work! Using either Flickr or Wikimedia Commons, upload your finished product and publish it so that other sociology instructors and students can use your work. Although not required, we strongly recommend uploading and releasing your work with a Creative Commons license.


    Criteria Ratings Points
    Social Movement Research Researches and accurately describes the lifecycle of an appropriate social movement and provides detail about its origin, purpose, goals, etc. Researches a social movement and provides information about its lifecycle and origin, but in insufficient depth or detail Researches a social movement but provides little or inaccurate information about its lifecycle and origin, in insufficient depth or detail __/9
    Infographic Creates an interesting and visually pleasing infographic depicting information about the lifecyle of the selected social movement. Creates an infographic with some information about the lifecyle of a social movement. Creates an infographic that is incomplete, unappealing, or inaccurate. __/9
    Citations Includes at least two correctly cited APA citations, either in the infographic or as an attachement. Includes at least one correctly cited APA citation. Does not include correctly cited references. __/3
    Total: __/20
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