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10: Middle Eastern Americans

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    • 10.1: History and Demographics
    • 10.2: Intergroup Relations
    • 10.3: Intersectionality
      The role of women in the Muslim community has received a good amount of attention. One such area of focused attention is in standards of dress. Islam stresses that women should be protected, and must present themselves in a modest way while in public. The prophet Muhammad indicated that the female body should be covered with loose fitting clothing with the exception of the face, hands, and feet. Hijab refers to garments that allow women to adhere to the guidelines of modest dress.
    • 10.4: Social Institutions
      55% of the world’s population profess one of the main monotheistic faiths that are found in the Middle East. These faiths are referred to as “Abrahamic Religions” because they each trace their origins to the Hebrew prophet Abraham. The similarities across the Abrahamic religions and other religious groups can be attributed to shared histories, values and cultural practices. Today the Middle East is defined by conflict and antagonism, but there are many shared worldview within these religions.
    • 10.5: Social Change and Resistance