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    • ANT 100: Introduction to Biological Anthropology
      Explorations is the first comprehensive, peer-reviewed, open access textbook for post-secondary biological anthropology courses, and the public. This project emerged from a dream to create a world-class biological anthropology introductory textbook that is 100% open and free. Motivated to eliminate the need for students to purchase costly textbooks, this textbook offers a no-cost option that is high-quality and adaptive. COMPILE DATE: 11/2024
      • ANT 107: Magic, Witchcraft and Religion
        This course is an anthropological survey of systems of magic, witchcraft, and religion from the past and the present, from societies around the world. It examines beliefs and practices in cultural settings with respect to the role of the supernatural. Special topics include myth, religious healing, witchcraft and sorcery, ritual and millenarian movements. COMPILE DATE: 11/2023
        • ETH 210: Introduction to Mexican-American Studies

          New Directions in Chicanx and Latinx Studies is an open educational resource that is free for instructors and students in a digital format. This comprehensive, peer-reviewed introductory textbook is written by scholars from the California Community Colleges and California State University. The content, spanning ten chapters, is guided by intersectional, transnational, and relational frameworks that build on current and emergent work in Chicanx and Latinx Studies. COMPILE DATE: 11/2023

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