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5: Obstacles to Intercultural Competence

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    • 5.1: Relationships
      We establish and maintain relationships through our communication with each other. Although the term “relationship” is often associated with romance, intercultural relationships can be as varied as the people within them. Colleagues performing a work-related task can develop a friendship. Marrying into a family creates strong familial ties. Eating at the same family-run restaurant each week builds loyalty. Good friends are always treasured.
    • 5.2: Cultural Biases
      We have already discussed race. In this chapter we will discuss three other distinct concepts of race, as well as other cultural biases existing in today’s world.
    • 5.3: Conflict
      Just as there is no consensus across cultures about what constitutes a conflict or how the conflicting events should be framed, there are also many different conflict response theories. It is also a topic of interest for sociologists, psychologists, business managers, educators, and communities. Acquiring knowledge about personal and intercultural conflict styles can hopefully help us transform conflicts into meaningful dialogue, and become better communicators in the process.

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