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LIBT 300: Introduction to Library Services (Li)

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    This course is designed for persons interested in exploring paraprofessional library employment and for students interested in understanding the use of library resources. The course covers the history and types of libraries and information providers; an overview of library services including reference and technical services; instruction and practice in the use of library classification systems; equity and diversity in library settings; current issues in libraries and library employment opportunities. Three field trips to local libraries and archives or alternative assignments will be required.

    Student Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    • discuss and analyze the history of library evolution as it has determined today's libraries and school library media centers.
    • distinguish the various types of libraries, the functions and roles of libraries, and school library media centers.
    • recount the basic ethical, legal, and socio-political issues surrounding libraries, information, and information technology as well as basic laws, standards, and governance that pertain specifically to libraries.
    • analyze methods of effective communication and apply them appropriately to customer relations, handling complaints, and problem behavior.
    • compare and contrast employment opportunities in all types of libraries and related information centers.

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