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11: Issues in Relationships

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    Learning Objectives

    • Define the concept of family and describe different types of families.
    • Describe family roles, rituals and stories and explain how they may vary depending on the type of family.
    • Describe dimensions of family based on conversation and conformity orientations.
    • Define consensual, pluralistic, protective and laissez-faire families.
    • Define the concept of friendship and discuss characteristics that are common to many friendships.
    • Describe the basic phases of friendship.
    • Explain how Knapp’s relationship model can be used to describe different stages of friendship.
    • Discuss potential communication issues that may occur in friendships.
    • Define romantic relationships and discuss how this definition has changed over time.
    • Describe different couple-types and explain the characteristics of each.
    • Describe different ways to select a romantic partner.
    • Discuss factors that influence the formation and maintenance of a romantic relationship.
    • Describe the reasons why communication is important in the workplace.
    • Explain different types of communication in the workplace including, written, verbal and online.
    • Describe the basic dynamics of different workplace relationships and types of communication typically employed.
    • Discuss communication issues that may occur in the workplace.

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