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    Foundations of Education was created as a broad introduction to the teacher education program at SUNY Oneonta. The faculty of SUNY Oneonta designed this book with the intention to give an overview of topics that would be returned to throughout the student’s preparatory program. The authors strove to create a reader-friendly overview that would be used as the basis for classroom discussion as they welcomed future educators and asked them to reflect on what kind of teacher they will be.

    About our Team

    Foundations of Education was designed and developed by the Education Department at SUNY Oneonta in cooperation with the SUNY Oneonta Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center. This project was supported by SUNY OER Services with funds from New York State’s 2018-2019 budget allocation for Open Educational Resources.

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    • Tasneem Amatullah
    • Rosemarie Avanzato
    • Julia Baxter
    • Thor Gibbins
    • Lee Graham
    • Ann Fradkin-Hayslip
    • Ray Siegrist
    • Suzanne Swantak-Furman
    • Nicole Waid

    Project Management and Technology Support

    • Ed Beck
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