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1.7: Suggested Activities

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    Suggested Activities

    Activity 1

    Find a local urban issue that you are interested in. Research all sides of the argument.

    Activity 2

    Write a blog post that explains a local issue of interest to you or your community. Make sure you situate it in the local history, and explain the implications of potential outcomes. Keep a journal about this issue.

    Activity 3

    Create or add to a Wikipedia entry on this issue (remember to include your sources).

    Activity 4

    Visit Wikimapia[1] or OpenStreetMaps[2] and find your neighbourhood or the community in which you live. In this chapter we learned that places have multiple identities. Is your understanding of your neighbourhood represented on the map? If not, add volunteered geographic information to the map to represent your understanding of place. Change the lines, add points of interest or of significance to your community on this open source online mapping platforms.

    Activity 5

    Find a community group that is actively engaged with the issue. Act as a participant observer and volunteer your time and skills to create a product that the group will find useful (e.g., a map, a history, a report, or an infographic).

    Activity 6

    Ask a family member to create a sketch map of his or her day-to-day experiences. Ask him or her to identify places in the community that have changed over time. Ask questions about areas that have either become more urban or have perhaps experienced urban decay.

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