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6.6: Key Terms Defined

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    Agnostic: The belief that existence of the supernatural is unknown or unknowable.

    Atheistic: The belief that there is nothing supernatural.

    Branches: A large division of a religion.

    Canonized doctrine: The officially recognized documents or ideas of a religion.

    Ethnic religions: A religion associated with a particular ethnic group.

    Monotheism: The belief in one god.

    Pilgrimage: A journey to a sacred place.

    Polytheism: The belief in many gods.

    Prophecy: Communication with a supernatural power.

    Proselytizing: Seeking converts to a religion.

    Religious fundamentalism: The belief in the absolute authority of a religious text.

    Sacred spaces: Places associated with a sense of the divine.

    Sanctuary: A haven or place of safety, often defined by law.

    Schism: The fracturing of an organization.

    Sectarian violence: Violence between different sects of the same religion.

    Secular: A condition of separation between a state and any religion.

    State religion: The official religion of a state. This is not the same as theocracy.

    Syncretic religion: A religion formed by the combination of other religions.

    Theocracy: A state ruled by religious principles.

    Universalizing religion: A religion that seeks converts.

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