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5.19: Assignment- Children’s Media

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    Media Programming for Children

    STEP 1: Find a children’s show, geared for kids under the age of 10 (typically either TV or TV7, G or PG parental guidelines) that you would like to watch. Do a little bit of preliminary research to better understand its target audience.

    STEP 2: Watch the show and answer the following questions:

    1. What’s the name of the show? What is the episode title?
    2. Who was the primary audience for this show (girls or boys/age range/lifestyle)?
    3. Why would children like this show?
    4. List any incidences of gender stereotyping, or other stereotyping, you notice in the show.
    5. What did you like about this show?
    6. What did you dislike about this show?
    7. In what ways did the show connect to concepts you learned about in this module? Expand upon at least one.
    8. What are your general thoughts about the show and your experience with it? Would you recommend it for your own child? Why or why not? What are your biggest takeaways?

    STEP 3: Submit your responses.

    Sample Granding Rubric
    Criteria Proficient Developing Not Evident Score
    Completion and Professionalism Answers all questions using professional writing. Partially answers the questions, or not in sufficient detail or professional writing. Does not answer all the questions __/10
    Detail Provides sufficient detail and demonstrates and understanding of the show and concepts covered in this module Provides weak connections between the content and the show. Does not connect concepts in the show to concepts from the module. __/10
    Total __/20

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