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2.1: Principles and Recommendations

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    Infographic of opportunities in OER efficacy. Headers include: Customize & Adapt, Connect & Organize, Equity & Social Justice, Multifaceted & Versatile, Share Your Stories.
    Figure 4: Opportunities in OER Efficacy Infographic

    True to the open education ethos, there is no need to reinvent the wheel! The following recommendations are our attempt to distill the overlapping principles we noticed throughout our research.

    This list can serve as a primer for anyone designing larger scale initiatives or undertaking OER efficacy research. Our research findings can be grouped into 5 broad principles and recommendations:

    • Customize and Adapt
    • Connect and Organize
    • Equity and Social Justice
    • Multifaceted and Versatile
    • Share Your Stories

    In the following chapters, we will elaborate on each theme and explain how they can help you broaden your perspective, and widen the horizon on your OER efficacy research.

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