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15: Religious Perspectives on Personality

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    • 15.1: Chapter Introduction
    • 15.2: Judaism and Kabbalah
    • 15.3: Christianity and Christian Mysticism
      Although there are many denominations within Christianity, at times generating significant conflict between each other, Christianity as a whole has been a profoundly successful and influential religion. Approximately one-third of the world’s population, over 2.2 billion people, are Christian, and it has spread around the entire world. At its heart, Christianity is a simple religion, and those who live a truly Christian life are guided by one simple philosophy: love your neighbor.
    • 15.4: Islam and Sufism
      The last of the Abrahamic religions to be established, Islam has also been a profoundly successful religion. It ranks second in numbers only to Christianity, with some 1.5 billion followers around the world. Muslims, those who practice the Islamic faith, consider Jesus Christ to have been a great prophet, but they do not consider him to be the Son of God. They follow the teachings of the one whom they believe to be the last and greatest prophet: Muhammad.
    • 15.5: Connections Between Mystical and Eastern Perspectives
    • 15.6: Personality Theory in Real Life
    • 15.S: Chapter Summary

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