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    This book would not have been possible without the assistance of E-IR’s Student Review Panel. Members of the panel gave up their spare time to read drafts of each chapter and offer their thoughts on how they could be improved. The panel comprised Laura Southgate, Matthew Koo, Constance Dijkstra, Loveleena Sharma, Daniel Golebiewski, Ljupcho Stojkovski, Max Nurnus, Jess Dam, Caroline Cottet, Jan Tattenberg, Matthew Ribar, Laura Cartner, Cameran Clayton, Phoebe Gardner, Ana Carolina Sarmento, Naomi McMillen, Kanica Rakhra, Dean Cooper-Cunningham, Jonathan Webb, Daniel Rowney, Janja R. Avgustin and Scott Edwards. The editors would also like to thank all members of the E-International Relations team, past and present, for their many acts of kindness in feeding back on ideas and providing a supportive climate for the book’s development. Finally, and most importantly, the editors would like to thank the authors of each of the chapters for working so hard on this project and helping us deliver such an excellent book.

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