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3.31: Assignment- The Big Picture

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    • Review some of the many motivations students have for entering college.
    • Identify your personal motivations as pathways to achieving goals.


    1. Review the table below, which lists various motivations cited by other students.
    2. Identify your main motivations, and rank your top five.
    3. Reflect on your selections in terms of how they connect with short-term and long-term plans for the future. Discuss with your results with your classmates.

    Understanding your motivations is essential to helping you not only prioritize your plans for the future but also gain inspiration about directions you may not have yet charted. Ultimately, your motivations for being in college align you with roadways to fulfilling your goals and ambitions.

    Gain more qualifications in my field
    Increase my earning potential; make more money
    Challenge myself
    Show others that I can succeed
    Start an independent life
    Satisfy my curiosity
    Have fun
    Change my career
    Do what my parents were not able to do
    Find a better lifestyle
    Build my confidence
    Expand my social contacts; bond with new friends
    Improve my network of business associates
    Gain exposure to a wide array of topics
    Attend campus events
    Make my family happy
    Fulfill my dreams
    Take classes at home or work or anywhere
    Take advantage of campus resources like the library and gym
    Join a sports team
    Join campus organizations
    Spend my time during retirement
    Have continued support via alumni programs
    Learn to study and work on my own
    Gain access to professors
    Link up with people who already excel in the ways I aspire to
    Get sports spirit
    Gain more access to entertainment like theater and bands
    Be more productive in life
    Explore myself
    Become well versed in many subjects
    Dig deeper into learning than I did in high school
    Expand my knowledge of the world
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