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1: Introduction to Competent Communication

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    The objective of this book is to help you develop the communication skills necessary to accomplish your professional and personal goals. In this course, you will learn about many different types of communication, ranging from interpersonal communication to workplace communication to public speaking. Developing polished, professional communication skills takes preparation, practice, and persistence. However, your effort is worthwhile. Ultimately your ability to communicate in relationships, in the classroom, and in your career should improve, opening more doors than you might anticipate.

    In Chapter One, you will learn why studying communication is important; elements that are involved in the communication process; and your responsibilities as a competent communicator. Finally, you will learn about how you can apply principles of growth mindset in communication studies and your life.

    • 1.1: Why Study Communication?
      Learning about communication can help you communicate with more intention, resulting in the potential for improving your performance in your other courses, building stronger relationships, and accomplishing your career goals.
    • 1.2: The Process of Communication
      Competent communication begins with an understanding of what communication is and how it works.
    • 1.3: Becoming a Competent Communicator
      To communicate competently and professionally, you must fulfill certain responsibilities. Your audience will expect you to fulfill these responsibilities, and you must be certain you do not disappoint them. The specific expectations may change given the context or environment, but certain basic obligations will remain: you must always be prepared; clear; concise and punctual, and ethical.
    • 1.4: Creating Success Through Growth Mindset
      A growing body of educational research shows that individuals who are most successful in the classroom, at work, and in their personal lives have a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset.

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