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10: Getting Started with Public Speaking

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    In this chapter, we are switching gears to getting you ready for public speaking.  We will be looking at the basics for choosing your topics in terms of the type of speech and your audience.

    • 10.1: What are the Different Types of Speeches?
      In this section, we discuss the three broad purposes of public speaking.
    • 10.2: Who is My Audience?
      This section will look at the audience from both sides of the microphone, so to speak. First, it will examine how a presenter can fully understand the audience, which will aid the speaker in constructing the approach and content of the speech. Secondly, this chapter will examine the public speaker as an audience member and how to get the most out of a speech, even if the topic does not seem immediately interesting.
    • 10.3: What Do I Speak About?
      In this section, we look at moving from choosing a speech topic to writing your central idea statement.


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