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7.7: Review

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    Chapter 7: Vocabulary and Questions for Review and Discussion


    • behavioral questions
    • career fair
    • Career Coach tool
    • career ready
    • 8 Career Readiness Competencies
    • cover letter
    • elevator speech
    • e-portfolio (also called a digital portfolio)
    • ERROR method of taking personal responsibility
    • ethics
    • Handshake App
    • hard skills
    • one-way interview
    • professionalism
    • resume
    • screening interview
    • soft skills
    • STAR technique

    Questions for Review and Discussion

    1. Discuss the results of the survey that compared employers' perception of graduates' career readiness with the graduates' own perceptions.  Did the results surprise you?  Why or why not?
    2. Consider your own proficiency in the career competencies shown in the chapter. In what categories would you rate yourself as “very” (4) or “extremely” (5) proficient? In what categories would you fall below a "4"?
    3. What lapses in ethical judgment would you add to the list of unethical examples provided in the chapter?
    4. Look at the list of respectful behaviors for workplace interactions. Is anything missing from the list?
    5. Write an example in which you take responsibility for a mistake. Use the ERROR method.
    6. Create two appropriate questions to ask an interviewer at the end of a job interview.
    7. What is the purpose of an e-Portfolio (digital portfolio)?
    8. What is the purpose of a cover letter?
    9. What is the purpose of a resume?
    10. What is the purpose of an interview?
    11. What should you include in a thank-you email or letter?
    12. It is difficult for some students to work at the same time as they attend school. What are some things you can do while you are a student that will help you gain valuable soft skills?
    13. List and describe 3 important components of professionalism.

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